Higher education’s evolving landscape continues to put pressure on academic staff to innovate and adopt best practises in Open and Distance Learning (ODL). With the challenges of higher education expansion, diverse access, and the push for institutional excellence, educators are constantly looking for efficient learning models.

The authors of the paper “Embodied and Embedded Theory in Practise: The Student-Owned Learning-Engagement (SOLE) Model” criticise current expectations and approaches, pointing out that widely-used pedagogical planners within institutional virtual learning environments (VLEs) haven’t lived up to the hype.

They present the SOLE model as an alternative, a novel approach to learning design. This model is not only theoretically sound; it also includes a practical toolkit. The SOLE model, at its core, emphasises student ownership, constructive alignment, and a collaborative learning design process.

This paper provides invaluable insights for educators and academic researchers interested in exploring innovative learning design models.

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